Hazardous Waste Services

Hazardous wastes mainly derive from the processes involved at Industrial and Manufacturing sectors. Hazardous wastes comprise of a wide range of materials such as manufacturing residues (e.g. acids waste, contaminated sludges and chemicals), photo finishing chemicals, biomedical wastes, pesticides, PCBs, motor oil, unused cleaning products and batteries.  These wastes require special handling to reduce adverse effects to human health and the environment.

Ontario has a comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework to ensure that hazardous wastes are managed in an environmentally safe manner.  Through the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and accompanying regulations, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has established a cradle to grave management system, which includes the systematic control of collection, storage, transportation, treatment, recovery and disposal of this waste.

The following services that THEM can offer with respect to Hazardous Wastes:

  • Characterizing Hazardous and Liquid Industrial Wastes
  • Waste Audit 3R’s Regulations
  • Hazardous Wastes Information Network (HWIN) Services
  • Toxic Substances (Reduction Plans and Summaries)
  • Wastes Diversion
  • Septage System

Trained, experienced THEM personnel can provide the way to accomplish timely, cost effective work partnering with accredited contractors.

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