Lead Surveys

Some buildings and many structures such as bridges are likely to contain paints with a substantial lead content. Lead may also be present in plumbing systems and other construction materials. The detrimental health effects caused by lead poisoning have been well documented and understood for many years. Ingestion and inhalation of dusts containing lead are the most common routes by which lead enters the body. Lead containing particulates can become airborne during renovations when old paints are removed, or by chipping and flaking of paint due to deterioration.

Using a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF), we can quickly and accurately determine the presence of leaded paint, even in areas with multiple paint layers.

A Lead Survey Will:

  • Locate surfaces on which lead paint has been applied or where lead occurs in other materials
  • Determine levels of lead present
  • Assess accessibility and condition of the paint or other lead sources
  • Assess potential exposure and health risk
  • Recommend and provide appropriate control or abatement procedures required
  • Establish a permanent record for use in the event of future renovation or demolition

T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. was the first consulting firm in Canada to acquire and be licensed to use a portable XRF for lead determination. We continue to be on the leading edge of techniques for identification and testing of lead containing paint.