Why “THEM”

Working at T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) is a rewarding experience in a highly specialized, professional, and supportive team environment. Here are some of benefits that our team enjoys.

We empower and motivate.  With the support of senior level champions, we empower our team to pursue their passion and strive for professional and career development. We motivate our team to take on new challenges, and celebrate their successes as well as their lessons learned. With annual salary increases based on merit, the THEM team is a great place to build a rewarding career among like-minded and dedicated professionals.

We foster continuous learning and personal development.  Our people are the heart and soul of our business and we are committed to the professional and personal development of our team members. With the objective of having “every brain in the game” you will always be encouraged to bring forward your ideas, thoughts, and desire to expand your expertise. We support learning through mentorship, tuition reimbursement, continuous career-related training and certification.

We support and believe in each other.  Our team has developed a culture where we support each other and celebrate project success. This is a place where you will always be supported and where you can develop real relationships with your colleagues and clients. To bring us all together our team enjoys corporately organized team building events.

We take your wellbeing seriously.  To perform at our best, we must feel at our best. To be the best at work and in life, it is crucial to pay attention to work-life balance and our health. It is the foundation of a healthy and thriving team. An extended health benefits coverage, enhanced life insurance and LTD coverage, an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) and enhanced vacation entitlements are just some of the features that are in place to help our team maintain their wellbeing.

Sounds exciting? That’s why everyone at T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. is so incredibly passionate about what they do. If you have the spark too, consider the opportunities with THEM and keep the above factors in mind when contemplating your future goals and aspirations.

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