Article Summary: A natural strain of fungus could clean oil spills and return life to Alberta’s oilsands

About 800 square kilometers of Alberta’s Athabasca oilsands are covered in coarse tailings. Contaminated, lacking nutrients and resistant to absorbing water, it is a hostile environment to both plants and soil microbes. It is rare for even weedy plants take root. One of these, a dandelion, was discovered growing naturally on a coarse tailings site. A unique strain of fungus was isolated from its roots.  The researchers soon found that when its spores are applied to plants, those plants grow and thrive on coarse tailings – it is in symbiosis with a plant. This fungus has the ability to eat the hydrocarbons and help the plant survive in these environments.

The fungus was even able to grow directly on diesel, crude oil and similar materials as its only nutrient source. This is promising because it can be  used to complete remediation and reclamation at the same time. Ordinarily, the removal of contaminants from a site is done separately from land restoration.  Contaminated soil is often taken away and replaced, which is in an expensive process. With the help of the newly discovered fungus, treated seeds can be applied directly to the contaminated sites. The next step is proving the method works in the real world.

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