Celebrating 45 Years of your Support

When we first started T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) in December 1979, the environmental consulting industry was in its infancy. Trevor Harris got into his little blue Honda Civic (later to have the license plate “BESTOS”) and opened the first consultancy in Canada dedicated to solving problems associated with asbestos-containing materials (ACM). In fact, not only were we the first asbestos consultancy in Canada we were the first in Canada to have an XRF licensed for detecting lead in paint. We believe that we still are at the forefront in identifying and using technology for most environmental and occupational health and safety issues in Canada.

With the arrival of 2024 is the anticipation of a yearlong celebration culminating in our 45th Anniversary this December. We are thrilled to share this milestone with you, and we want to recognize it took your support, trust, and loyalty to get us to this point. We will continue to keep you updated with announcements, upcoming events, and significant moments in our history, and we encourage you to reach out to us to share any memories of your experience with THEM and our team.

As we prepare for this significant event in our corporate history, it is with great pleasure that John C. Fisher on behalf of all team members of THEM thank you for supporting us during a remarkable period in Canada’s evolution with regards to environmental and occupational health and safety commitment. We are proud of our participation and role in the education, support, collaboration, and enlightenment of employers across Canada in general, but Ontario and Quebec in particular to ensuring the EH&S wellbeing of all stakeholders we were fortunate to work with and will continue to do so.

Trevor Harris & Associates first client was the former Scarborough Board of Education, and the Toronto District School Board is still a client after all these years. Since the commencement of that relationship, we have built a client base that includes the who’s who of the industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) community. The reputation of our firm is based on our relationship with our clients, the quality and expertise of our team and suppliers and the ability to provide practical, cost effective and timely solutions to a wide range of complex problems. We are proud of the fact that 45 years later our unwavering commitment to these principles is instilled in each of our team members that aspire to be true experts in their respective fields.

We have been truly fortunate to have been associated and worked with so many wonderful people. It has been a remarkable journey, but we warmly look forward to reconnecting with and maintaining old friendships and creating new ones. At THEM we like to treat all our clients as friends. This philosophy is based on Trevor’s principle that you never let a friend down.

It has been a pleasure serving you for the last 45 years and we look forward to providing you with superior service for the next 45 years and on.

Yours truly,

John C. Fisher

President & CEO