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Since 1979, T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) continues to provide a variety of training courses. We teach step-by-step procedures that will enable you to interpret relevant regulations and standards, identify hazards, assess solutions and implement control and remedial measures. These courses include the identification, safe management and remediation of a wide range of hazardous materials, indoor air quality and health and safety management in buildings .

Our course instructors are highly qualified and trained professionals. They have the added advantage of many years of hands-on experience in their specialized fields. Courses are presented in an informal setting, and are designed to ensure quick understanding of each subject under discussion. The use of multi-media and interactive materials makes learning both dynamic and easy.

Course Examples:

  • Mould Awareness Training
    This extremely informative course is a “must attend” for building owners, contractors, building managers and healthcare workers who may encounter mould contamination problems. Indoor air quality can be dramatically affected by mould contamination resulting in a variety of health problems as benign as allergic reaction or as serious as toxic effects. This problem has arisen in a wide range of buildings such as schools, industrial settings, office structures, and private residences.
  • IAQ: Indoor Air Quality Management
    Building owners and managers and Health and Safety personnel will learn how  IAQ affects health,worker efficiency and other associated problems. This course is especially important for  professionals looking to to conserve energy by making buildings airtight and therefore more energy efficient. It is important to understand the reasons for problems that can arise in buildings after energy efficiency improvements and other modifications.
  • EAM: Environmental Auditing and Management Systems
    Our environmental auditing and management systems course will give portfolio managers, property managers, auditors and regulatory representatives a thorough understanding of the principles involved when conducting an Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA) and an Environmental Management Audit (EMA).
  • HSM Training for Health and Safety Managers and Supervisors
    Employers are mandated properly train personnel to oversee Health and Safety within their work environments. This course is designed specifically for managers, supervisors and maintenance personnel responsible for health and safety issues to qualify to meet this OHSA requirement.
  • AB-1 Asbestos in Industrial Environments
    This course is specifically designed for architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, and site supervisors. In this program, participants will study all aspects of asbestos control.
  • AB-2 Identifying Asbestos Hazards
    This intensive half-day workshop is designed for maintenance workers and their supervisors who either work in close proximity to or may come into contact with asbestos. Emphasis is on the identification and safe handling of asbestos.
  • SP Spill Prevention
    This course offers participants a comprehensive understanding of how to design and implement a Spill Prevention Program. Any industry that stores large quantities of potentially hazardous liquids needs such a program to deal with potential hazards resulting from spills. Having a spill prevention program in place is even more imperative if those liquids are hazardous or environmentally dangerous.

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