Records of Site Condition – Brownfield Redevelopment

Records of Site Condition – Brownfield Redevelopment

Former industrial lands that are now vacant or underused are generally called Brownfield sites where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination.  Brownfield sites may be contaminated due to past or present activities.

Some examples of Brownfield sites are:

  • closed factories
  • gas stations
  • waterfront lands formerly used for commercial port operations

Brownfield sites may pose risks to the environment and human health because of potential contaminants that may be found in the soil and groundwater as a result of past activities at the site.

Now brownfield redevelopment has a greater importance in Ontario since new Ontario Regulation came in effect in 2004 and subsequent amendments happened very recently as July 1, 2011.

Ontario is continually taking action to ensure that brownfield sites are properly redeveloped to meet environmental and health standards and, therefore, can be used for other purposes.

A record of site condition (RSC) is a document that summarizes the environmental condition of a property, as certified by a “Qualified Person”, as of a particular date.

THEM is capable of working with clients to take them through the brownfield sites redevelopment and file records of site condition with the Ministry’s Brownfield registry.

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