Ergonomics is the study of human characteristics for the appropriate designs of the living and work environment. The goals of ergonomics range from making work safe and comfortable to increasing human efficiency and promoting human well-being. Smart employers implement ergonomics because in the long term it can save them money. Ergonomics can help in reducing costs associated with unhealthy or unwell workers.  An ergonomic workplace usually results in improved employee well-being, improved productivity and work performance. On the other hand, poor ergonomic design increases potential for worker complaints, accidents and development of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Common injuries and illnesses associated with ergonomics include:

  • Headaches and migraines often caused by improper lighting from light fixtures, natural light, and computer screens.
  • Back and neck injuries caused by repetitive lifting or long periods of standing or sitting.
  • Tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other injuries associated with repetitive movements
T. Harris Environmental Management can help you with workstation ergonomic hazard risk assessments according to the MSD Prevention Guideline for Ontario (Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario (OHSCO)) and its related documents. This assessment will determine if high risk of injury exists and will identify improvements that can be implemented to decrease the potential risk of repetitive strain injury. Assessments are conducted for both industrial and office workstations. Our specialists consider a verity of the factors (design, function, use and others) to understand how well the task and environment  match personnel needs. You can rely on our team’s expertise. Our team consists of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Registered Occupational Hygienists (ROH) and Registered Occupational Hygiene Technicians (ROHT) with over many years of experience. We take pride in fostering the environment of continuous learning and skills improvement.

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