Manufacturing Industry

At T. Harris Environmental Management Inc., we specialize in providing comprehensive environmental and occupational health and safety services tailored specifically for the manufacturing sector. With our expert team and innovative technology, we are committed to helping manufacturing companies achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate environmental risks, and enhance operational efficiency. 











Our range of services includes: 

Environmental Services: 

  • Comprehensive environmental site assessments 
  • Remediation solutions for contaminated sites 
  • Brownfields redevelopment strategies 
  • Property transaction due diligence assessments 
  • Drinking water testing and management 
  • Aboveground and underground storage tank services 

Emissions & Discharge Compliance: 

  • Monitoring and reporting of air emissions 
  • Obtaining environmental compliance approvals for air, water, and noise regulations 

Management Systems: 

  • Implementing environmental management systems 
  • Environmental risk management strategies 
  • Waste audits and management services 

Hazardous Materials Management: 

  • Assessment and remediation of asbestos, mould, lead, silica and other designated substances 
  • Survey and management of designated substances and hazardous building materials 
  • Hazardous materials awareness training 

    Occupational Health & Safety: 

    • Ergonomics assessments for home offices and manufacturing facilities 
    • Management of heat stress / heat strain 
    • Indoor air quality assessments and improvement strategies 
    • Noise monitoring and analysis 
    • Chemical exposure modelling and management 
    • Radiation safety services 
    • Respirator fit testing and safety training sessions 
    • Ventilation assessments for fume hoods and specific operations 
    • Prestart health and safety assessment 

    Other Services: 

    • Expert witness services for legal matters 
    • Peer review of environmental reports 
    • Risk management consultations 

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