Construction Sector

For over 30 years, T. Harris has assisted clients in overcoming challenges with various infrastructure projects across the country. Working with public and private clients we offer solutions in waste management, water resource management, sustainability, and Brownfields. 











Our range of services includes: 

Environmental Assessments: 

  • Phase I, II & III Environmental Site Assessments 
  • Brownfields Redevelopment Consultation 
  • Records of Site Condition (Environmental Assessment) 

Hazardous Materials Management: 

  • Asbestos, Mould, Lead, Isocyanates, Mercury, Silica Survey/Assessment 
  • Remediation Inspections & Testing 
  • Hazardous Building Materials Survey & Management 

Emissions & Discharge Compliance: 

  • Air Emissions Monitoring & Reporting 
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals (Air, Water, Noise) 

Occupational Health & Safety: 

  • Exposure Sampling Strategy 
  • Safety Equipment Compliance Audits 
  • Safety Training Sessions 

Management Systems: 

  • Environmental Management Systems 
  • Waste Audits and Management Services 

Risk Assessments: 

  • Product or Process Safety Risk Assessments 

Workplace Safety Audits: 

  • Compliance Audits 
  • EH&S Assessments 

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