Property Management

Since 1979, we have been providing unparalleled environmental services to our property management clientele. We also provide our environmental expertise in working with premier Architectural and Construction firms for both restoration and new construction projects.








Our range of services includes: 

Environmental Assessments: 

  • Conducting Phase I, II & III Environmental Site Assessments to identify potential environmental risks and liabilities. 
  • Remediation services for contaminated sites, enabling brownfield redevelopment and revitalization. 
  • Records of Site Condition documentation for property transactions and compliance purposes. 
  • Drinking water quality and sewer use bylaw compliance 

Hazardous Materials Management: 

  • Comprehensive surveys and assessments for asbestos, mould, lead, and silica. 
  • Implementation of management programs for hazardous substances, ensuring safe and compliant property environments. 
  • Hazardous materials awareness training for property management staff. 
  • Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) cost estimating for the decommissioning of government owned assets. 

Indoor Air Quality Assurance: 

  • Assessments and testing for indoor air quality, ensuring healthy and comfortable environments for occupants. 
  • Identification and mitigation of microbial contaminants and odours. 
  • Compliance with indoor air quality standards and certifications such as ASHRAE, Boma Best, Fitwell, Well Building and LEED. 
  • Legionella and radon assessments 
  • Vapour Intrusion Investigation 

Safety and Compliance Solutions: 

  • Safety equipment compliance audits to ensure adherence to ANSI Z358.1 standards. 
  • Workplace safety audits and compliance assessments, addressing environmental, health, and safety regulations. 
  • Risk management services to identify and mitigate various property-related risks from chemicals, physical & biological agents and hazardous work and energies. 

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