Occupational Health & Safety

The goal of health and safety programs and policies is to clearly define standards, assign responsibilities and provide a framework for compliance with legislative requirements and development of a safe workplace.  The size of the company and the nature of the hazards involved in its operation will influence the efforts required in H&S program and policy development and implementation.

T. Harris Environmental Management Inc.works with organizations to define individual needs, build programs and develop policies aimed at addressing the identified needs, and provide assistance in successful implementation of the developed programs.

Services provided:

  • H&S Policy development
  • H&S Programs
    • Analysis of program requirements
    • Document development
    • Employee education
    • Assistance with program implementation
    • Program evaluation
    • Training to program administrators
    • Auditing

The above services are delivered by our occupational hygienists with extensive experience in H&S program development within corporate, industrial and public settings.

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