Indoor Air Quality Assessment


In recent years, employers have been faced with challenges and complaints concerning air quality in the workplace. Construction of buildings with controlled interior environments has, in some cases, contributed to inadequate ventilation which has resulted in undesirable conditions in work areas. Our IAQ assessment investigates air quality and helps you find the right solution.

Services Provided:

  • Evaluating comfort parameters including temperature and relative humidity
  • Monitoring for carbon dioxide concentrations as an indication of ventilation efficiency
  • Measuring concentrations of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases
  • Gaseous sampling for a wide range of common indoor pollutants
  • Sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Screening for unique microbial volatile organic compounds (UMVOC’s)
  • Fibre sampling and testing for other airborne particulates
  • Mould, yeast and bacterial sampling
  • Air circulation and flow tests
  • Odour investigations

We have conducted thousands of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments in public, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Our assessment reports will inform you of problem areas and propose a cost-effective, logical course of action to improve conditions.

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