Regulation 90 permitting in the City of Montreal: Atmospheric Emissions Quality and Control

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(Regulation 90 – Regulation 2001-10 of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal)

The Law – Requirements of Regulation 90:

In addition to federal regulations, the City of Montreal has and enforces a separate set of regulations aimed at controlling air emissions from various sources in its metropolitan area.

This includes regular monitoring of the activities of industrial establishments and their atmospheric emissions. This involves assessing compliance, issuing a permit if necessary, and establishing a specific follow-up program for each licensed establishment. It may include monitoring, sampling, analysis, special maintenance requirements, and annual air emissions balance reports. This is not an extensive list as each situation is unique.

The requirements of Regulation 90 (Regulation 2001-10 of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal) include:

• The limits on pollutants discharged into the atmosphere and ambient air;
• Limits on sulfur content in various fuels;
• Emission requirements and limits for the waste disposal, incineration or combustion plants of various materials and various thermal processes;
• Emission limits, effluent efficiency standards and prohibitions for certain processes and activities;
• Requirements for diffuse particulate emissions;
• Requirements for emissions of organic substances generated during distribution, storage or leakage from equipment;
• Obligation to hold a permit where there can be emission (or change in the emission) of a polluting agent.

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***Reference : Regulation 90 (Regulation 2001-10 of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal) [96 ko – 2 pages] http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=7237,75191583&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


How THEM/GETH Can Help:

Gestion Environnementale T. Harris Inc. (GETH) is here to assist you with obtaining a permit related to atmospheric emissions quality and control in the City of Montreal. We will work with you to gather all applicable information, measurements and drawings for calculation purposes and include it as part of the report to be provided to the City.  If the client cannot provide the full information needed, GETH will be happy to visit the site and take measurements.

Here is an example list of required information:

• General description with precise information on the process and equipment used in general;
• The inventory or an estimation of atmospheric emissions of the activities ongoing at the site
• A description of each atmospheric reject site (stack) including the hourly emissions of substance rejects and the calculations on their dispersions;
• Complete description of existing scrubbers or those required in order to conform with the established by-law;
• The City also requests any results and interpretation of all previous analyses of emission air sampling performed for the stacks
• Any other pertinent information.

Do you fall under the regulation? Contact us for a free consultation.


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