Spring 2021 Memo

Date: May 10, 2021
From:John C. Fisher, President & CEO
To:Our Valued Clients & Suppliers
Re:T. Harris Environmental Management Inc.
Spring Announcement

Dear Friends

It is hard to believe that approximately fourteen months after the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are now in the midst of the Third wave, which has proven more virulent than the first two. In my continuing series of correspondence (May 7th and December 14th, 2020) there is finally a true hint of optimism in the air. This is based on the rapidly increasing roll out of the vaccines, and that we will be able to return to some sense of “normalcy”. However, we cannot forget the suffering that continues in our own country, but even worse with devasting effects in those like India.

To reiterate from previous correspondence to you, hope is eternal, especially as spring has arrived. Albeit with some cold spells and a little snow for added misery, as we needed any more, but with the sunshine and a little warmth we can literally smell the flowers and know that the “next normal” should still set upon us by September 2021. We can envision attending concerts, sporting events and spending time with our loved ones, that may include a hug or kiss with family outside of our “bubble”. In addition, as the summer season approaches, perhaps we can celebrate special occasions where we share laughter, smiles and even tears of joy as life is so precious, even as we commiserate with those that are or have suffered from this terrible pandemic. While we may not communicate as frequently as I/we would like, my empathy has only increased for you along with my sincerest thoughts and wishes that we will all see and experience better times.

As previously stated in past correspondence, we want to emphasize that our motto at T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) is:

We treat our clients as friends, because you never let a friend down

This continues to permeate every level of our organization and is ingrained in our culture. We remain very proud that we have provided continuous service to clients since the pandemic first arrived, and taking actions required to prepare for the “next normal”. I am so pleased that our team has remained intact, resilient, innovative, committed, and growing during this pandemic. The faces and voices you have come to appreciate, Anita, Chris, Christian, Greg, Raj and Richard at the senior/regional management level and that of our entire THEM team and network of suppliers and stakeholders still look forward to maintaining, renewing, and creating new relationships. Our team has been phenomenal during this time and remains committed to ensuring that we do not let you down if you need us.

In closing, while we will never forget 2020 or 2021, I am so comforted by the fulsomeness and closeness of relationships that are still evolving, being developed, or been strengthened with my family, friends, and colleagues during these very trying times. My resolve is even stronger that you have experienced the same, and if not, we are here for you, if needed. We look forward to seeing you in person soon. Happy Spring and Summer.

Best Regards,

John C. Fisher,
President & CEO