The Benefits of Trees – What You May Not Know!













You’ve heard it all before – planting trees is beneficial to both the environment and your health. A well-known and direct impact of trees include their capacity to absorb air pollution and soften the effects of climate change in cities. It is impressive that trees can store approximately one quarter of carbon emissions produced by industry. Have you ever wondered just how helpful they can be in improving local neighbourhoods and commercial properties?

Turns out trees play a large role in protecting your real estate.  Did you know that planting a variety of trees on your property can help to mitigate flood damage and stop erosion that could lead to costly property damage? Additionally, the natural shade that the canopy of a tree creates can work to lower the energy costs in your home or place of business.

The advantages don’t stop there – new advances in environmental science are discovering the potential of trees for the decontamination and remediation of contaminated sites. They can help in long term restoration of former landfills or contaminated waste sites by sucking up contaminated groundwater and decreasing runoff. This type of remediation is known as “phytoremediation”: many trees have the capability to isolate harmful chemicals within pockets in their cells. They also neutralize toxins entirely through self-produced compounds. A big advantage is that these trees do not accumulate permanent pollution residue. This means they can eventually be used as wood products in future remediation and soil enrichment projects. Of course, each case of contamination is unique and this is not a universal solution.

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In addition to the direct impact trees have on our environment and general health, new studies are pointing to their substantial economic advantages. A research study comprised of data collected throughout Toronto discovered that having ten or more tees on your block greatly improves the quality of life. The difference ten trees make is equivalent to moving to a neighborhood with a $10,000 higher median income. Additionally, in a recent study TD Canada Trust economists concluded that each year the City of Toronto benefits from approximately $80 million in environmental cost savings  from Toronto’s estimated 10 million trees. These savings come from snow and rain cover, lower heating and cooling costs, and the added benefit of cleaner air in the environment.

T. Harris Environmental Management understands that trees are at the root of a healthy environment. That is why our team contributes to environmental improvement through local events and initiatives, such as tree planting and mulching. Last year our team has volunteered in mulching a large number of recently planted trees to protect them and ensure healthy growth. Whether it is sheltering in their shade on a hot summer day or helping to clean a former landfill site, the benefits of trees should not be overlooked.


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