Winter 2020 Memo

Date: December 14, 2020
From:John C. Fisher, President & CEO
To:Our Valued Clients & Suppliers
Re:T. Harris Environmental Management Inc.
Holiday Announcement

Dear Friends

A lot has transpired since I last wrote to you on May 7, 2020. While there was positive news in the relative reopening of the economy and lowering of case counts, which included a magnificent summer weather wise, this was quickly followed by the second wave and the reality of the effects of the pandemic. But we now have some very positive news in the approval of certain vaccines and with more to come.

As hope is eternal, we can envision that the “next normal” will set upon us by September 2021. In addition, as the holiday season (Chanukah & Christmas in particular) is here I wanted to follow-up to ensure that you have remained well and healthy since I last wrote. Unfortunately, I know that some have been touched personally, and there may be others in the not-too-distant future that will be affected by this very real and disturbing novel coronavirus. As such, I can only offer my sincerest thoughts and wishes that better times are ahead. As previously stated in my past correspondence, we want to emphasize that our motto at T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) is:

We treat our clients as friends, because you never let a friend down

This has never been more salient, and we remain very proud that we have provided continuous service to clients since the pandemic first arrived, and taking actions required to prepare for the “next normal”. Furthermore, we have maintained and facilitated connections to help those in need. It is our extreme pleasure that we still have the capacity to do so. Adversity can and does bring out the best in people. As this should be a joyous time of year, we recognize that there are many that are suffering through no fault of their own. Based on the needs of others we are very pleased that we have supported the following wonderful causes in each of our office locations, Engineers Without Borders Canada and Workplace Health Without Borders in Toronto, Children’s Health Foundation of London, Ottawa Food Bank and Moisson Rive-Sud (South Shore Food Bank) in Brossard, QC.

I am so pleased to remind you that we would not be able to accomplish this without Anita, Chris, Christian, Greg, Raj and Richard at the senior/regional management level and that of our entire THEM team and network of suppliers and stakeholders. We all look forward to maintaining, renewing, and creating new relationships. Our team has been phenomenal during this time and remains committed to ensuring that we do not let you down if you need us.

In closing, while we will never forget 2020, I do take great pleasure in the closeness of relationships that have developed or been strengthened with my family, friends, and colleagues during these very trying times. It is my wish that you have experienced the same, and if not, we are we here for you, if needed.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Happy Holidays and a very Healthy New Year.

Best Regards,


John C. Fisher,
President & CEO